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Young Couple Expecting

Express Childbirth Class

3 hours - $175

This comprehensive class will leave you feeling more prepared and confident about your upcoming labor/delivery all from the comfort of your own home. This class is designed for first-time or experienced mothers alike. We will review the stages of labor/dilation, what happens in each stage, what you may feel or do, what your support person may say and what your support person may do. Along with stages of labor you will learn early signs of labor, basics of breastfeeding and an overview of postpartum support. A prepared family is a confident family!

Water Birth

Express Doula Class

3 hours - $175

Doulas have been proven to decrease interventions and increase the overall satisfaction of birth experiences. For many reasons some families may not have the opportunity to have a trained Doula present at their labor/delivery. In this class we will make sure you are as prepared as possible for the unpredictability of birth! With hands-on practice and a step-by-step walk-through of what labor/delivery looks and feels like, you will be more prepared to have the most comfortable birth you can. Mothers and birth partners will receive the tools necessary to anticipate what mom needs during labor. We will discuss early labor, active labor, pain-relieving/comfort techniques, position changes, pushing options and so much more. This class is the closest thing to having a doula present at your birth! 

Pregnant Woman by Birch

Essential Oils Birth Kit Workshop

2 hours - $125

Aromatherapy can be a useful tool in pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period. In this extended workshop we will talk about your needs and concerns regarding support for your pregnant body and support during labor/delivery. Essential oils are also a safe, natural alternative to chemicals within the home and first years of your child’s life. All safety information will be clearly explained and I will help you build your own birth kit. Whether it’s diffusing or skin application, I will make sure you know all the why’s, how’s and what’s of essential oils. Your birth atmosphere can make all the difference, having safe options that also enhance the birthing space can help make your birth more calm and enjoyable. 

Mothers and their Baby

Babywearing Personal Workshop 

1 hour - $75

Baby snuggles are the absolute best! Research shows that infants who have more time close to mom adjust better in the 4th trimester. Learning how to safely and comfortably wear your baby/toddler can give you the option to keep baby warm and close, all the while having full use of your hands. Baby-wearing is a wonderful option for nursing on-the-go, nap time, housework, exercise and so much more. I will bring a full collection of baby carriers to your home where you can try them on for comfort and practice. Being able to try carriers on before purchasing can ensure that you will use it comfortably and love it. We will also go over all safety considerations for wearing your infant/toddler. Front and back carries will be explained in full detail as well. Keep baby close and enjoy the freedom of baby-wearing!